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We build products for automated analysis of medical images and data, to aid diagnosis.

Shonit™ is a complete peripheral blood smear analyser solution which automates the routine tasks like differential counts. Additionally, it provides a screening solution for various parasitic infections like Malaria and disorders like Anaemia. It starts by capturing images of blood smear slides with a phone fitted on a microscope. The images are analysed on cloud using state of the art image processing and deep learning techniques. Finally it generates reports containing differential blood counts, visualisations on various blood metrics and suggestions about any abnormalities. The report can then be reviewed by pathologists on any net connected device, from anywhere in the world, making this product useful for areas having dearth of specialists.

Under Clinical Validation

Semen analysis is one of the core aspects in infertility investigations for measurement of male fecundity in clinical Andrology. Our capability, Aadi, uses state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence techniques to estimate pivotal parameters of ejaculated human spermatozoa like progressive motility, concentration and morphological characteristics. These parameters aid Andrologists to correlate with clinical findings and help them to predict the ability of the spermatozoa to fertilise the oocyte.

Nearing Clinical Validation

The antinuclear antibody (ANA) test is used as a primary test to help evaluate a person for autoimmune disorders that affect many tissues and organs throughout the body. A positive ANA test result means that autoantibodies are present. In a person with signs and symptoms, this suggests the presence of an autoimmune disease, but further evaluation is required to assist in making a final diagnosis. We are trying to come up with an automated intelligent solution for the Indirect fluorescent antibody (IFA) test to aid the screening process.

Under Research

After Serum Chemistry and Blood, Urine Analysis is the most common Pathology test. Our Urinalysis solution detects substances (like crystals and casts), cellular material (like epithelial cells, RBCs and WBCs), and also calculates related volumetric parameters. The presence of these bodies in urine are indicative of a host of metabolic and kidney disorders.

Under Development

The chest X-ray is the most common diagnostic scan performed. It reveals image of the heart, lungs, blood vessels, ribs, etc. We are building a screening solution for chest X-rays, which separate the normal cases from those having abnormalities. It points out the abnormalities (fractured ribs, lung infections, etc.) when present. Works on digital X-ray images from any standard X-ray machine.

Under Development

Diabetic Retinopathy is one of the leading cause of blindness for people above 30 years of age. It could also lead to prolonged bleeding in eyes, due to delayed healing process in diabetic patients. Grading Diabetic Retinopathy requires identification of very minute features in the eye such as microaneurysms as well as large features such as exudates, and their position relative to each other. Our solution uses Artificial Intelligence techniques to identify features in retinal scan, aiding Ophthalmologists detect, classify and grade Diabetic Retinopathy with ease.

Under Research


Manthana - A Medical Intelligence Platform  

Audaciously high skyscrapers require deeper and surer foundations. Manthana, our indigenous medical intelligence platform, comprising of a data and machine learning backend Kūrma, along with a real-time reporting and API platform Mandāra provide the thrust to our endevours. This is why we can take on, and deliver on, so much more than everyone thinks we can.

Continuous Intelligence Upgrades  

Better. Best. Better than the best! We follow a rigorous continuous learning process to keep improving the performance of all our AI models. We don't stop at the best, we make the best better. And what's more, because of our cloud based Intelligence-As-A-Service paradigm, all our partners get to experience the awesomeness instantaneously!

Embedded & Hardware  

Inexpensive telemedicine enablers. When required, our products offer an inexpensive digitisation option for medical data. Whether it's attaching a smartphone on a microscope to capture images and videos, or automating slide scanning under it, we do not shy away from getting our hands dirty. While our embedded and hardware efforts are geared towards building the best possible data capture gizmos to feed our medical intelligence platform, if they also help fill gaps in the telemedicine story for our partners, we're happy to help.

Our Team

Rohit Kumar Pandey
Co-founder & CEO
Tathagato Rai Dastidar
Co-founder & CSO
Apurv Anand
Co-founder & CTO
Bharath Cheluvaraju
Chief Computer Scientist
Kumudini Kakwani
Senior Computer Scientist
Manish Kaushal
Senior Computer Scientist
Dheeraj Mundhra
Lead Computer Scientist
Krishna Durai
Computer Scientist
Ameya Joshi
Senior Computer Scientist
Ashwani Kumar Tiwari
Computer Scientist
Prateek Shrivastava
Senior Computer Scientist
Abhishek Vahadane
Senior Computer Scientist
Madhumita Krishnaswamy
Manager Quality, Compliance, and Regulatory Affairs
Sukrit Mukherjee
Intellectual Property Research Analyst
J.H.M. Apoorva
Computer Scientist
Dr. Vijay Muralidharan
Lead Robotics Engineer
Asit Kumar Singh
Computer Scientist
Ayushi Thakur
Business Process Executive
Jayanth Chandra
Budding Computer Scientist
Budding Computer Scientist
Kiran K Madan
Computer Scientist
Nivedita Muthusubramanian
Computer Scientist

Our Advisors

Dr. Nirupa Bareja
Dr. S. V. Joga Rao
Debanjan Mukherjee
Dr. A. S. Arvind


  • SigTuple AI Challenge

    January 21 2017  We hosted an AI challenge on the HackerEarth platform. Over two weeks 3000+ enthusiasts competed to win a ₹1 Lakh prize by solving one of the actual problems we worked on while building Shonit™. Great fun was had by all. Checkout the leaderboard here.
  • IBM SmartCamp for Deep Tech India 2016

    December 17 2016 SigTuple won the second runners-up prize in IBM's startup challenge, Smartcamp for Deeptech in India 2016.
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SigTuple in the Press

  • This AI pathologist could be a life-saver for India’s ailing diagnostics sector

    Factor Daily, January 12, 2017 : A solution like Shonit promises much-needed change. It can dramatically improve speed, accuracy and consistency of blood diagnostics (semen and urine diagnostics are coming soon). Labs can service more patients and human errors can be significantly reduced. But, more importantly, pathologists can access data remotely and sign off on reports — a massive step to bringing diagnostic access to remote parts of the country.Easier said than done, though.
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  • How real is the Artificial Intelligence startup wave?

    Economic Times, 03 July 2016 : "There is a growing gap between the number of patients and doctors across the world," says Pandey. "Although a lot of work is being done to bridge the gap, there is a need for an intelligent, effective and scalable solution." SigTuple is building a series of cloud-based screening tools to increase the efficiency and outreach of the healthcare industry.
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  • Koramangala ecosystem helps explore business synergies

    Economic Times South, 20 June 2016 : With a vision to apply artificial intelligence towards analysis and screening of medical images, SigTuple was introduced in April 2015. SigTuple, a healthcare Startup was started by three enthusiastic young techies Tathagato Rai Dastidar, Rohit Kumar Pandey and Apurv Anand. Co-founder, Rohit Kumar Pandey talks about his entrepreneurial journey and future plans for the venture.
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  • SigTuple raises seed fund from Flipkart founders, Accel Partners and other angel investors

    Economic Times, 22 Feb 2016 : Bengaluru-based medical technology startup SigTuple, which was founded by former American Express executives, has received a round of seed investment from wide-ranging and prominent investors including Flipkart founders Sachin and Binny Bansal, venture capital giant Accel Partners and other angel investors.
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  • Flipkart founders, Accel Partners back med-tech startup SigTuple

    VC Circle, 22 Feb 2016 : Medical-technology startup SigTuple Technologies Pvt Ltd has raised seed funding from Flipkart founders Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, venture capital firm Accel Partners and other angel investors, the company said without disclosing the amount.
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Partner with Us


Data Partners provide SigTuple with anonymised medical data required for building one or more products.


  • Clear legal ownership of data being provided to SigTuple.
  • Provide a point-of-contact to facilitate the partnership.


  • Various compensation models possible for data.
  • Free beta access to the finished product.


Strategic Partners, apart from providing data, closely work with SigTuple on a specific product during its development phase to shape it's capabilities and scope.


  • Clear legal ownership of data being provided to SigTuple.
  • A senior medical point-of-contact with expert knowledge of the area of applicability of the product.
  • Help with annotating data and verifying product output during development stage.
  • Conduct a clinical validation of the product once it's ready.


  • Joint publications related to the product.
  • Various compensation models possible for data.
  • Subsidised usage of product at launch.
  • Free beta access to all products being developed by SigTuple.

 Beta Trial

Beta Trial Partners help test market-ready products from SigTuple, before open launch. At this stage, all products being tested would have undergone atleast one clinical validation with a strategic partner.


  • Consistent usage of the SigTuple product on appropriate daily workload.
  • Formal feedback on the product efficacy and usage.


  • Free beta access to the finished product.

Open Positions

Computer Scientist: Engineering

We're looking for talented engineers who are passionate about solving problems and who love to work with new, emerging ideas and technologies. The job will require you to work on developing a world class user experience backed by a scalable machine learning platform, on top of a robust infrastructure.


  • Deep understanding of Data Structures, Algorithms and fundamentals of Computer Science.
  • Short learning curve in picking up new technical skills.
  • Strong programming skills.

Software Test & Automation Engineer

If bringing order to chaos is your thing, we need you! Apart from owning and implementing the testing and automation strategies, you will help create the continuous integration and delivery process for our entire stack - from mobile and web applications to complex distributed systems.


  • Sound understanding of software performance and security.
  • Experience with automated and manual testing of mobile and web applications.
  • Adept at one or more testing/automation tools.
  • Strong programming and scripting skills.

Senior Computer Scientist/Computer Scientist: Data Science

You will work on state-of-the art technologies and build things that have never existed in the past. This profile is a mix of building Machine Learning solutions and implementation of complex data processing flows to crunch data and produce insights.


  • Comfortable with a wide set of Machine Learning techniques and feature engineering.
  • Good understanding of Image Processing.
  • Expertise in atleast one programming language (language no bar, really!).
  • Strong understanding of fundamentals of Computer Science.

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